Terrence Brodsky is the CEO of Finemotors, a green car manufacturer

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Question: Scenario: Terrence Brodsky is the CEO of Finemotor…

Scenario: Terrence Brodsky is the CEO of Finemotors, a green car manufacturer located in Detroit Michigan in the Unites States (U.S.). This is a new startup company with substantial investor funding. The car manufacturing process is predicated on volume sales and the hope that the company will capture the U.S. middle and lower income markets by selling very efficiently fueled 3-seater cars at a comparatively low price of $7,000 per vehicle. Some of the investors are prodding Terrence to come up with a higher priced version of the current vehicle. Terrence is considering whether this might be the right way to grow the company or not. Sarah Hutchins, a cofounder is also the operations manager and makes sure that they have all the materials they need, production is on schedule, that the cars pass the quality control review at the end of the line, and are within budget. Pierre Laforte, the human resources officer is busy hiring employees about as fast as he is creating policies and procedures since they are growing quickly and handling all of the legal aspects of compliance. Sam Goodwin watches over the night shift on the assembly line and sorts out any details left over from the operations during the day and creates requisitions for parts and equipment. In a 1–2 page paper identify one of the levels of management and the manager at that level referenced above and discuss how planning, organizing, leading, and controlling could be specifically related to that level of management. Assignment Checklist: 1. complete the POLC Learning Activity and take a screen shot and insert it into the top of the Assignment document. 2. Identify one of the three levels of management [strategic, middle, or first line (operational) manager] 3. Identify the employee at the corresponding level of management 4. Specify how the four management functions are related to that management level by defining the specific tasks and responsibilities of the Manager at that level.