operating cycle of Canadian Bacon Inc. using financial statements

Question: Calculate operating cycle of Canadian Bacon Inc. using financial statements…

Canadian Bacon Inc. financial statements are presented in the table below. Based on the information in the table, and using a 365-day year, calculate operating cycle. Round the answers to two decimal places Balance Sheet December 31, 2015 Cash and marketable securities $187,000 Accounts payable $217,000 Accounts receivable $498,000 Notes payable $51,500 Inventories $799,000 Accrued expenses $58,300 Prepaid expenses $19,300 Total current liabilities $326,800 Total current assets $1,503,300 Long-term debt $215,400 Gross fixed assets $1,978,000 Par value and paid-in-capital $128,000 Less: accumulated depreciation $478,000 Retained Earnings $2,333,100 Net fixed assets $1,500,000 Common Equity 2,461,100 Total assets $3,003,300 Total liabilities and owner’s equity $3,003,300 Income Statement, Year of 2015 Net sales (all credit) $5,386,600.00 Less: Cost of goods sold $3,716,754.00 Selling and administrative expenses $329,000.00 Depreciation expense $138,000.00 EBIT $1,202,846.00 Interest expense $39,600.00 Earnings before taxes $1,163,246.00 Income taxes $465,298.40 Net income $697,947.60

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