Sales receipts California Cement Company anticipates

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Question: Sales receipts. California Cement Company ant…

Sales receipts. California Cement Company anticipates the following​ fourth-quarter sales for​ 2014:  $1,843,000 (October), $1,511,000 (November), and $2,044,000 (December). It posted the following sales figures for the third quarter of​2014:$1,904,000 (July), $2,075,000 (August), and $2,295,000 (September). The company sells 36 %of its products on​credit, and 64% are cash sales. The company collects credit sales as​follows: 27% in the following​ month, 51% two months​later, and 19%


Three months ​later, with 3%defaults. What are the anticipated cash inflows for the last quarter of​ 2014?