Profitability analysis in early 2013 Pop ColaPop Cola

jagguarpaw January 12, 2017 0 Comments

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Question: Profitability analysis in early​ 2013, Pop…

Profitability analysis in early​ 2013,

Pop ColaPop Cola

Reported revenues of 65.67

Billion with earnings available for common stockholders of $6.06 billion.

Pop ColaPop Cola’s

Total assets at the time were 74.53

Billion.​ Meanwhile, one of

Pop ColaPop Cola’s


Dr. FizzDr. Fizz,

Reported sales of $6.02

Billion with earnings of $0.64 billion. Dr. Fizz

Had assets of $8.67

Billion. Which company is more​profitable? Why is it hard to get a clear answer to this​question?

*The return on assets​(ROA) for Pop ColaPop Cola is: %( Round to two decimal places)