HOSP 330 DeVry Final Exam



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HOSP 330 DeVry Final Exam


HOSP 330 DeVry Final Exam



HOSP 330 DeVry Final Exam

(TCO 1) Now that event planning has emerged as a professional career, apply the four-pillar approach in managing your growth as you develop your career. Examine the components of the four-pillar approach and why they can be driving factors in the growth of your career in the event industry.

(TCO 2) Summarize the five steps involved in planning and creating an event. Is there a specific step that you feel is the most critical to the event? Why or why not? Please be specific on this.

(TCO 3) Explain the challenges and opportunities of applying the best practices in human resource management in an event. Show and explain the best practices in working with volunteers and contract temporary personal.

(TCO 4) Prepare an analysis from a financial perspective on how you can control your financial well-being and make a profit in the events business. Explain the key financial statements that you would use to control the profit picture in the events business.

(TCO 5) Choose one leadership characteristic and explain why you feel this is the most important leadership characteristic. Also, explain why the other characteristics may fall short of your first choice.

(TCO 8) Compare and contrast a cross promotion, a street promotion, and a stunt, and how they are similar and different. Explain how you use them to draw attention to your event. Show why these are effective marketing tools.

(TCO 7) Examine the special needs of the attendees of your event in planning an event. Show and explain the American with Disabilities Act and explain what is required to comply. Give some practical examples of how you would incorporate the American.