ECE 312 Week 2, and 4 Assignments



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ECE 312 Week 2 and 4 Assignments


Program and Curriculum Planning. The word program in early childhood education refers to “the planning of the curriculum, which also includes the instructional practices, the daily schedule, the routines for caring for children, and the recreational activities, such as outdoor play” (Gadikowski, 2013, section 4.1). Educational administrators are the instructional leaders of their schools and centers primarily in the planning of curriculum. For this assignment, you will choose a particular age group (infants, toddlers, or preschoolers) and design (outline) a program that is developmentally appropriate.

Please review the following website for an example: Primrose School at East Lake

In your paper:

  1. Explain how the role of the administrator in program and curriculum planning is different from that of theteacher.
  2. Briefly describe the learning and developmental needs of your chosen age group.
  3. Analyze how your program will address the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development ofchildren in this age group (give specific curricular ideas for each area of development) as well asclassroom management and the daily schedule.
  4. Explain how your program aligns with the philosophy, vision, and mission statements you created inWeek One.
  5. Discuss how your program aligns with NAEYC’s indicators of effective curriculum, as outlined inChapter 4 and found in the article, “Where We Stand on Curriculum, Assessment, and Program Evaluation.”

The paper should be 5 to 6 pages in length, in addition to the title page and the reference page. Use atleast one scholarly source in addition to your text and the NAEYC article. Your paper should also be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.


The program effectively implements policies, procedures, and systems that support stable staff and strong personnel, fiscal, and program management so all children, families, and staff have high quality experiences.


Excellent programming requires effective governance structures, competent and knowledgeable leadership, as well as comprehensive and well-functioning administrative policies, procedures, and systems. Effective leadership and management create the environment for high-quality care and education by:

  1. ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and guidelines;
  2. promoting fiscal soundness, program accountability, effective communication, helpful consultative services, positive community relations, and comfortable and supportive workplaces;
  3. maintaining stable staff; and
  4. instituting ongoing program planning and career development opportunities for staff as well as continuous program improvement.


You are the director of your own center. Using Standard #10 in “Overview of the NAEYC Early Childhood Program Standards” and Chapter 7 as a guide, create an eight- to ten-slide PowerPoint presentation to share with your staff, demonstrating one of the following NAEYC points:

  1. Program accountability
    ? How will you demonstrate this to families and to the community?
  2. Effective communication
    ? How do you communicate with your staff, families, and community?
  3. Positive community relations
    ? How will you promote this as a center? What role does your staff play?
  4. Comfortable and supportive workplaces
    ? How will you ensure that you will create this for your staff?
  5. Career development opportunities for staff
    ? Create a professional development seminar for your staff.

Your eight- to ten-slide PowerPoint presentation (in addition to your title and reference slides) should:
? creatively address the material including graphics, visuals, charts, graphs, and/or sound;

  • ?  be designed to clearly and concisely address the material;
  • ?  be formatted according to APA style, including the title slide, reference slide, and in-textcitations;
  • ?  utilize the notes section of the PowerPoint to expand on the presented points (these notes wouldbe your talking points when presenting this to your staff); and
  • ?  use at least one professional resource in addition to the course text.Submit your assignment as an attachment in the Week Four Assignment section. In addition, look ahead to Week Five Discussion 1, “Presentation Evaluations.” By Day 1 of Week Five, you will need to post your PowerPoint presentation as an attachment to your initial discussion post.