Illusory superiority bias explains

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Question: Illusory superiority bias explains: Why more than

  1. Illusory superiority bias explains:
  1. Why more than half of drivers believe they are better than average.
  2. Why people love the color blue more often than the color yellow.
  3. Why people would allow 200 people to die rather than 400 people to be saved.
  1. Behavioral finance deals with:
  1. Implications of errors in judgment that are predictable and can affect financial outcomes.
  2. Bad choices.
  3. Errors in thinking.
  4. All the above.
  1. When you assign a lower than correct probability to a bad outcome and a higher than correct probability to a good outcome, your thinking has been distorted by:
  1. Overoptimism
  2. Confirmation bias
  3. Framing
  4. Overthinking