The Equal Pay Act protects against discrimination based upon

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Question: The Equal Pay Act protects against discrimination…

The Equal Pay Act protects against discrimination based upon _________. Race Gender Religion Race and Gender Race, Gender and Religion According to _________, individuals should evaluate their actions in light of the consequences that would follow if everyone in society acted in the same way. Principle of Rights Utilitarianism Kantian Ethics None of the above The Bill of Rights protects against interference by __________ government private individuals businesses all of the above none of the above List the steps in the duty-risk analysis of a negligence claim. If Jerry lends his lawn mower to Terry, then Jerry is the _____________ and Terry is the _____________. bailor; bailee bailor; bailor bailee; bailor bailee; bailee Who owns abandoned property? the person who abandoned it the finder of the abandoned property the state none of the above In Louisiana, if Abe finds treasure on Molly’s property, then the treasure belongs to ___________. abe molly 50% to Abe and 50% to Molly the state A gift _____________ is made in contemplation of death. inter vivos inter mortis rigor mortis none of the above Fred and Mary own property. Upon Fred’s death, Fred’s share of the property goes to his heirs. This is _________________. Joint tenancy in common both a and b neither a nor b